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There's always a virtual being with us with whom we talk, we fight, shout, cry... and most of the time this apparition is our own image but with a little modified mentality working out as an antidote for their anecdotes. My Apparition is not an image of me, but of a person whom I can never forget in my life, and whom I have lost in the long run. This blog is dedicated to that apparition. A medium for me to replicate my evolving thoughts into words...
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Sunday, March 25, 2012

All I want is a Hug!!!

(*Partially Based on a true story*)

“You are embarrassing me”, said Gene with a firm voice.
“I am just speaking the truth. Why it hurts you so much? Why can’t you accept it when you are wrong?” Urged Stan.

It had been 3 years since Gene and Stan fell in love. A love which no one had imagined could see such a day. A small fire sparked which eventually clouted the whole thatch under it.

“For God’s sake please stop. I am tired of your never ending queries, suspicions .I am tired of this Stan, you were never like this before”

“It is you who have started feeling the change and now you are blaming me!!! And you know what I am tired of?? I am tired of maneuvering these type of situations… now I want to face it.”

“Stan enough. Stop assailing me else…”

“Else what? I am waiting for you Gene, say it.”

“That’s it. I am breaking up with you Stan. There isn't any future like this”

I am so sorry Gene. Please don’t leave me. I’ll die without you. You want to F***ing hear this right? Get it clear, I won’t give a damn this time... I am too tired”

“You are such a hopeless case. No need to worry about me… With you out, my life will be too light”. Saying this Gene turned away, moved a few steps. Reverted back, "You are the worst thing that happened to me Stan, you are a Psycho. R.I.P … you are dead for me”

Stan didn’t utter a word after that. Both turned their back, without even a sign of reproach, and moved burying their love deep into their memories. This was the end of their relationship, and was on the last day of their 4 year college life. They couldn’t have expected anything worse than this as a last memory. This was the last time they were together, promising themselves never to think about the other again

3 years later,

The college premises was in a festive mood. The alumni association had organized a reunion. Happiness was in every alumnus face, all being nostalgic of their college life. And among them were Gene and Stan enjoying the eve to their max. During this span of 3 years, Stan has touched the pinnacle of his career, moved abroad, and statistically was the highest “Money-maker” of their batch. Gene, on the other hand, left her job and went for higher studies. Despite being so much egoistic, the ugly truth is that they had both attended the function just to meet each-other… the truth that they have kept within themselves.
The evening progressed, boring lectures, long non-ending stories of development plans for college - functions like this are always a best medium for the institutions to steal out the maximum from the alumni in the name of responsibilities. A big lavish party, all organized with the alumni fund, cuisines made by the self-proclaimed best chefs. Loud music, happy faces, And among this hullabaloo, two hearts were yearning to talk to each other. Stan saw Gene leaving the place, and he quietly followed her.

The wind was calm and the night set off silently. Stan and Gene were at the place which was their favorite- the terrace of the main building. They maintained the decorum of silence, without looking at each-other.

“How are you Gene?” Stan broke the silence, his body trembling speaking this.

All these years Stan had restrained himself from talking to her, pretending being strong. Many a time wrote her mails, all of them ended up in drafts. Stalked her everyday on facebook till one day when her account was no longer found.
Gene, on the other hand, had brought many changes in herself. Stopped socializing much, deleted her social networking accounts… made her aloof from many activities. For her Stan was less of a partner and more of her child, she cared him as if he were her son… they both missed, one being cared and another to care.

“Much better than you have expected”, Gene sounded arrogant. She herself was shocked for this intonation of hers. May be it had aroused as a sign of victory for not breaking the silence first.

“Have got something for you.”, Stan took out a small, cubical box, wrapped in silver paper that he had stowed in his pocket for so long.

“If you had tried to know me better, you would have known how much I hate gifts”. Replied Gene shoving off the gift.

Stan didn’t force her. A little dejected, he threw it out of their sight. Gene didn't give a single reaction.
“Do you have anything to say?” asked Stan, all ready to burst. 
All he could hear was a mere silence.

“I can’t live like this, away from you, away from my own life. I lose, Gene, I accept it was me who was wrong. All these years of separation made me love you more, think about you more. I love you Gene. Can’t we erase that day from our memories. Can't we be together again???”

These words broke Gene. Tears started to flow... now not from the eyes but from the heart.
“I am sorry Stan, please forgive me. I waited so many days for you to say these words , but it never came. Now You are late… too late... Stan, I am..." she sighed" I am married...

A sudden spasm spread like thunder in Stan. He stood there all numb… In front of him everything was bleak and dark
Gene couldn’t take it anymore and started to leave the place. It was getting difficult for her to face him.

"Gene" came a trembling voice, tears muffling the words “Can I get a last hug from you, for the last time, won’t ask you for anything more... just one last hug.

Gene paused for a moment. But she didn’t turn, took a deep breath, and left that place…
Stan stood there, all numb, tear drops flowing down his cheeks … eyes glued to the terrace door, waiting for her to come back to give him a hug…just a hug. 

(A MESSAGE: For you Gene-- "Stan is still waiting for that hug...")


  1. I was glued to the story.. Loved the narration..! :D These things happen in life and yea sometimes we are just too late..! :) But then Stan should move on.. he cannot enter gene's life because she's got another.. "Move on" a wonderful word..!Saves a lot of sadness and misunderstanding :)

  2. Oh, this is heart warming! I can so feel the pain of stan and it gets so difficult at times. Destiny just has different plans for you sometimes, that we are not able to see at that point in time.. But trust 'time' to be a wonderful healer, all we need to do is give it a chance to do it's job.

  3. Amazing writeup !
    Your narration glued me till the end of the post,Must be straight from your heart and as you said very earlier "Partially Real".
    i have very few things to say, IT HAPPENS... sadly it happens and happily it happens.
    Cheer up and cheerio for your post.

  4. A wonderful short story, wrapped perfectly with appropriate words.
    Could feel the pain.
    Nice work Sridhar. I wish Gene reads this story and comes back to give that hug..

  5. gud lineup..n feeing sorry after reading this for the poor guy.

  6. nice work! i hope stan gets his hug!

  7. Really a touching story indeed.......

  8. Really a heart touching story...simply love it.

  9. Loved your Narration. Very nice story.

    Glad to have found you via Indiblogger. Your newest follower :)

  10. Many of us can relate to it may be not in the same context but the pain and regret remains.
    A very good attempt.


  11. Beautiful and soul-stirring !

  12. I never read a beautiful, i mean it, story like this. Brother keep the going.

  13. When I was a teen, I used to live in a mountainous area and all my stories without exception would happen in small villages or towns that were facing frighteningly impressive summits, till one day when bored with the same scenery, I had the urge of writing about the sea and realized with great disappointment that I couldn’t write anything satisfactorily because I lacked that experience completely.
    And here is my metaphor: SRIDHAR, you write about the sea with tumultuous waves touching your feet and boats waiting to sail you over the rainbow. You write about the sea as someone who has been in love with a mermaid that can never hug or kiss or caress, but whose presence mesmerizes you and will do so all your life and there is nothing more beautiful than standing on a beach, fantasizing about your own private eternity. Congrats!

  14. @Gaa,Arti & Dee--- Thanks a lot. I got your points... definitely stan is waiting for time to heal everything :)
    @Kriss, Ram, Niharika, ruchi,seema, aame, katie and pradip--- thanks a lot...your words means a lot to me
    @Bella--- through your comment you explained the total mind-set of stan... You are great :)

  15. wow just so engrosiing yar....really liked the way u wrote it

  16. From the heart and beautiful for that reason. Stan must start looking around as there are so many Genes out there. Gayathri is right, moving on will help Stan enjoy the here and now. That is the only concrete thing we ever really have.

  17. wow, that was a moving story. So sad it ended on that note... Nicely penned.

  18. Gene, Stan - lazy names :p
    What a touching story this is. Crisp writing.
    Love your works. Where's the follow button! :)

    1. Being a big fan of Eminem, derived the name stan from the song with the same name
      about gene I dnt know where it came from...
      after all what's there in a name :P

  19. heart touching one

  20. I can almost feel the pain that Stan and Gene must have felt. Nice narration. Touched my heart.

    1. Well Pain is smthing that pushes you to try... try to get away from that pain...

  21. What an unexpectable End Man!!! Initially i was thinking of some Mills and Boons stuff... But it came out to be a more sensitive nature. Anyways.. good narration.


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