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There's always a virtual being with us with whom we talk, we fight, shout, cry... and most of the time this apparition is our own image but with a little modified mentality working out as an antidote for their anecdotes. My Apparition is not an image of me, but of a person whom I can never forget in my life, and whom I have lost in the long run. This blog is dedicated to that apparition. A medium for me to replicate my evolving thoughts into words...
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Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Truth Of Life...

(We all do loathe some people, some characters a lot... N we never want to get into the shoes of those characters... but on the quest of survival, the zeal to get something we find that unknowingly we have wore those shoes STRANGE WORLD INDEED!!!)

I decided to go on a strange search
the search for the truth of life.
I kept walking on the road,
the road which lead to the divine.

As I walked upon,
I ended up at a mysterious junction,
there the road divided into two,
which left me confused for which one to choose.

I was unable to decide
which road is right: the one which lead
to the truth of life.
Then came a man into my sight,
standing under a banyan tree,his eyes, very bright,
and seemed that he has learnt the truth of life.

'This is the person who could help me',
said my mind, went straight away to him
"Sir you look familiar with this place",
I said with delight.
"could you please tell me
which of these roads will lead to the truth;
the truth of life."

He gave me a mysterious look
and read me from top to bottom.
as if I were a open book.
"Nothing comes for free",
said he,
"Pay me with what all you have
because money is what I love."

Didn't want to but gave him with all I had,
because this search for truth
has made me mad.
"Both roads lead to the truth of life",
he said with a cunning smile,
"and the left one is
exactly opposite of the right"

With all my possessions,
he walked away from there,
happy was he and so was I
for I was getting close to what I desire.
I choose the road on the right,
and continue my journey to meet with the divine.

I kept on walking
on a seemingly endless road.
My throat getting dried aand my legs
not willing to go any more
After so much of struggle I reached a place,
delighted with the thought
that I got to the end of the race.

But as I saw around I got blue,
because it was the same junction
with the same banyan tree.
The right road lead to the left
and the left to the right,
this road is just an illusion
and it never lead to the truth of life.

Still not ready to believe
that I lost everything for nothing,
I was standing under the banyan tree all numb and sad.
was just about to burst on being such a fool,
but suddenly a voice came from nowhere
"Sir you look familiar with this place,
could you please tell me
which of these roads will lead to the truth;
the truth of life."

I just checked him
as if he were a open book
he looked like an innocent man,
desperately searching for the truth of life.
I politely behaved and said,
"Nothing comes for free
give me all the things that you have."


  1. nice 1..sply d last d best!

    1. Y u no write your name??? :P... nehow thanks a lot... your comment is a source of inspiration :)

    2. :) happy to be an inspiration!

    3. Anonymous... sounds like a ghost... y don't u write ur name??? I am not sm1 from FBI that I will sue you :P

    4. call me Voldemort!

    5. Voldemort!!! :P... hiii volde, I m harry...harry potter :P

  2. Very good post...Superb man...Keep up the good work..

  3. Nice poem .. Really its truth of life ...


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