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There's always a virtual being with us with whom we talk, we fight, shout, cry... and most of the time this apparition is our own image but with a little modified mentality working out as an antidote for their anecdotes. My Apparition is not an image of me, but of a person whom I can never forget in my life, and whom I have lost in the long run. This blog is dedicated to that apparition. A medium for me to replicate my evolving thoughts into words...
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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Just a Bench...

I am a bench
Standing firm and all alone,
On the lap of a green esplanade
Amidst the flowing mortal emotions

I remember the day when a couple came
With a pram, with a tiny life
A life newly bestowed
Happiness was there and joys in their eyes
Through the baby I saw the beginning of life

I was there when the child grew up,
Crying like every other petulant tot
And with time standing on his feet
Wobbling in his way and badging all along
Through the child I saw the salvation in life

I was there when he turned into man,
Thoughts getting weirder, in limbo and tensed,
Thinking about his fledgling career and perpetual fear
bridled by weeds to forget them all.
Through the man I saw the insecurity of life

I was there when he was no more alone
There came she taking him into her lap,
Brought a shoulder to cry and the love she bestowed
Giving him a hand to fight the fear all along
 Through the man I saw the true love of life

I was there when they came as three
And then as four, happy was he and also worried
For the future was then all in his hand
Dependent on him, his wife and two little bairns
Through the man I saw the responsibilities of life

Days moved on and time passed by,
The children grew up and went into their life
Resting on me were only two bag of bones
Love still firm and hands embraced.
Through the old man I saw the quiescence of life

And then one day all bleak and dry,
There came the old man with no one on his side
Deep in his thoughts and soul all aloof,
Envious of his past life and wishing again to be a child
Through the old man I saw the loneliness of life

Finally on a dark night all cold and tight,
He came there dressed in cardigan with nothing in his mind
Sat on me and hummed a beautiful song
Slept there itself,  and never woke up again
And that's when I saw the end of life

I am still the same bench
Standing firm and all alone
On the lap of a green esplanade
Amidst the flowing mortal emotions
but just with a character less.


  1. no words !
    incredible post...
    terrific writing :)following your blog !

    1. Thanks a lot Dee... feels really good to get a comment like this from an experienced blogger... in cloud nine :)

  2. So very amazingly said sir!
    The whole cycle of life in beautiful words as this! EPIC!
    I 2nd dee :)
    Following too :P

    1. Thanks Kinara... loved your post too...nice depiction of a teenager's fluctuating mood

  3. Awesomeness... The way the words have flowed its like you wrote straigh through your heart like you are the bench and you know the feeling.. too good..!! :)

  4. Wow...Epic...Awesome...

    These words above totally describe you and your wonderful post.You just told the story of a mans life from a perspective of a non-living thing.You sir are great!!

    Now where's the follow button :D

  5. Beautiful ! Awesome !

  6. Very fresh perspective! and poignant too..



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