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There's always a virtual being with us with whom we talk, we fight, shout, cry... and most of the time this apparition is our own image but with a little modified mentality working out as an antidote for their anecdotes. My Apparition is not an image of me, but of a person whom I can never forget in my life, and whom I have lost in the long run. This blog is dedicated to that apparition. A medium for me to replicate my evolving thoughts into words...
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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Choosing between the Gods...

(This post is in reference to a challenge thrown by a blogger friend Princess poo(a very avid writer and one of the best blogger I have seen) via Indiblogger to choose who I feel is the best, My mom or my dad. So here it goes... )

I came to this world,
by the blessings of you two,
You are the forms of almighty,
Incarnated yourselves for me.
 But between all the pains you took,
And the sacrifices that you both made
Could I get any variance,
That will helps me to choose, Who is the best among you?

When I was born,
Mom it was you whom I first saw,
The warmth of your love
Through your eyes it flowed
Embracing you and ruffling your hair
Sitting calmly there were you Dad.
And when my little arms
Stretched and touched your faces
In ecstasy, you both were mounted with tears.

With the contentment you both, showered that day,
Could I be able to choose, who is the best among you?

Not even a single day mom you miss
To wake up early, even when you are sick.
You neither care about your health nor your happiness,
are always there to feed me and give
on time, every time, everything that I wish.
And at times, when fear surrounds me,
You cover me with your drape, and I sleep in peace.
And then you stand in front like an amazon
protecting me from evil spirits and fighting all along.

As I grow up, my needs go high,
      Dad you never fail to give whatever I require,
  You work dawn to dusk just to ensure
That I get everything and my future is secured
 and whenever obstacles come, you never let me retreat
make me tenacious and give the confidence that I need
Whenever, around me, when the things become tight
Your words come as a rescuer,
 and helps me win all the battles that I fight.

When I reminisce upon,
 it makes me daze
Not even an imperceptible difference
 in the way that you both cared.
I am left without a single point,
not even a clue
That helps me to decide,
Who is the best, among you.

After thinking a lot I got my answer
it isn’t in your sacrifices
but in the thing that makes you strong.
Whenever the hard storm strikes us to raze,
you fight it together, protecting each-other’s ways.
Yes, it is your immortal love and the bond that you have
that makes every problem just a piece of cake
Lame I am to think you as two
for you are two different bodies but a single soul
how could I even choose when the entity is one,
together, you are the best, that’s what I can call.

P.S:-  It is beyond anyone’s capability to decide who is best among their parents. They are one and our science didn’t teach us how to distinguish between a same object with its own self. Anyhow it doesn’t matter whom one chooses, because in the end it is meant to both.


  1. Wow Sri this is awesome :).
    Such a heartfelt poem :).
    My heart was smiling reading this :D :).
    I loved the way you concluded the poem :).
    Our parents are infact one right :).
    You have done a lot of justice to the topic :D.
    Just loved it man :).
    HATS OFF :).

  2. beautifully written be PD...
    True feelings

  3. OMG! Awesome.. you are too good!! Fantastic.. :) Superb!! Loved it.. very true you cannot say who's the best or whom you like more! :| very well expressed..

  4. very well written and i must say if this is inspired by your parents you are very lucky indeed

  5. too good to read and feel my own parents. so all parents are same in the country at least! they care so much for us. thanks for blogging this and sharing on indibloggger... :)

  6. Thank you for allowing me to enter the world you've created and never give up this passion which illuminates you, bringing light into so many souls. (read more on my blog):)

  7. Very very beautiful Sridhar. Great work dude.

  8. Heart touching poem.....I also loved the p.s too!

  9. I am yet to read another poetry which can so easily enters through my eyes and the fragarence of this flower is ever stored in my membrane percolating to the grey cell to flow through the nerves and come back again and again.

  10. This,.... just made me speechless

  11. simply wow!! speechless nice 1

  12. WOW.
    A bang on answer to the challenge ;)
    So true, parents are "one"
    Loved it!

  13. aah! awesome and heart-touching poem... will have to learn some skills from you... :D :D :P

    Take part in this contest - Coolest Blog Contest 2012

  14. Hey! Something is waiting for you on my blog, go check it! :D

  15. A sincere and honest poem. Ryt said we can never choose betwn d two neither can we compare the two.....

  16. Good Post
    Heaven Lies Under The Feet Of The Mother.
    Thy Lord hath decreed that ye worship none but Him, and that ye be kind to parents. Whether one or more attain old age in thy life, say not to them a word of contempt, nor repel them, but address them in terms of honor. And out of kindness, lower to them the wing of humility, and say, “my Lord! bestow on them Thy Mercy, even as they cherished me in childhood.” (17: 23,24)

  17. What a wonderful poem :)
    Specially for Mother's Day?

    1. This was a challenge from POO...


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