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There's always a virtual being with us with whom we talk, we fight, shout, cry... and most of the time this apparition is our own image but with a little modified mentality working out as an antidote for their anecdotes. My Apparition is not an image of me, but of a person whom I can never forget in my life, and whom I have lost in the long run. This blog is dedicated to that apparition. A medium for me to replicate my evolving thoughts into words...
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Monday, March 12, 2012

A Memorable Journey...

My life had never been adventurous enough. Influenced by the movies, I  always yearned to go on a trip that would be memorable to me throughout my life. So the very first thing I decided to do when I joined engineering was to go on a trip worth remembering. The very hard and fast rule I learnt from these movies was that If you want to go on a trip you must have atleast 2 very close friends, some sort of vehicle and ringing pockets. Well I passed the first one and in course of time did manage to make very good friends, still lucky to have such friends. 2nd one vehicle- what more a boy can like if he has a bike. 3rd thing ringing pockets- well was kind of short in that, like every other engineering guy, but as some great personality quoted if there is a “WILL” money will come from every way :P(why to fear when there is a heir). Then the last thing was an attempt. But in the mean time I forgot that in reel life you hardly fail but in real life, failure is like one’s father-in-law, if you want the beauty you have to fight with her father. A disastrous trip to Ranchi, picnic failures, slowly and eventually all of the attempts taken was either ruined or was cancelled. Then a time came for self-realization that I could never have a memorable trip. But recently life confounded me. You sometimes get the best from what you have never expected. My memorable journey is worth remembering not because it has the most interesting/amazing adventure… for me it is the best because it makes me envious… envious of what I am not… envious of what I don’t have now.

My memorable journey started with those magical words, those soothing frequencies that my ear-drums were longing to be touched with, “Dear Passengers, we have successfully landed in the Chatrapaji Sivaji International Airport.”, Announced the co-pilot in the most robotic voice that he can make. In the next moments I was going to live, and not just survive, the best days of my life… and equally the worst (you will come to know why), thus making it the most memorable. Never knew that a span of just 6 months away can make me feel so nostalgic. With the mercy of God and an equal mercy of my HR, I was granted 16 days of leave… 16 days of complete freedom. This was the first time I was going home after coming abroad.

I still remember my first view outside the airport. Taxi drivers rushing to me as if I were a celebrity or a  great leader and everyone competing to serve me, may be even take me to their homes. A single nod of denial and I was abandoned by them there itself, by all of them at once. But even that display of betrayal had its own sweetness. No doubt globalization has made Indians spread everywhere but still the real happiness comes on the sand. The horrendous traffic, killing horns, gleaming puddles on the road all were adding to my comfort. The friendly smile from the strangers, love birds everywhere, local shops, shouting vendors, road-side foods, dogs barking on the vehicle breaching the traffic, everything was making me happy. I was devoid of all these sights which I had seen since I gained my senses. All I had seen in the last 6 months is the sky touching buildings, all expensive cars and a few human beings busy with their own families and own lives… That’s it.

That  smooth touch of my mom. Happiness that I saw in my Dad’s eyes. That lovely fighting with my sister. Sky touching level of contentment shown by the people I knew. Meeting all those friends who were with me every moment during my engineering life.  Lap of the premises where I studied. The convocation function, holding the degree in hand. Meeting my long time crush(es) :P… parties, dancing to the time till my neck hurted, getting high, with friends, under the influence of ethyl alcohol and that moment when I forgot my own name. Those sharing of agony buried deep inside my heart followed by amusement. All those jibes, those derogatory names… those endless nights!!! Could any of the road trip had ever been better than this???

This wasn’t the end. Tears too had their share during these 16 days. The last bye from the person whom I loved the most, may be more than my life, pretending to be strong enough not to cry. That time, when had to bid goodbye to my friends, to my cliché. Tears in my Mom’s eyes when bidding me bye. And that irritating Voice of the air hostess requesting-cum-ordering to fasten the seat belts and then the take-off of the plane. The last view of my country through the pane… all dark and cloudy.

This was the best journey that I had till now. The enjoyment  I had will always make me envious and the share of tears will make this journey memorable forever. One thing I realized that this is not the place I belong, my life is in my country and I will return back soon.

But for Now, at times in this strange world, I search for corners and shadows to sit and smoke and to wait till the season ends so that this seasonal bird will again get a chance to fly back. 

(This post is in reference to a blogging competition being organised by Mahindra XUV that made me ponder if I really had any memorable trip. Visit for more details about the competition)


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